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Your house is probably your biggest investment, therefore it makes sense to look after it.

If your roof leaks this can create many other problems which will ultimately damage the structure of the building if left.

Many insurers will not pay out if they consider that the property has not been well maintained, so you could find yourself facing a hefty bill.

We offer an annual roof inspection from £60 (depending on the property) which can spot potential problems. Photographs will be taken and advice given as well as a no-obligation quote should any remedial work appear to be required. Included in the fee for the roof inspection is gutter clearance and inspection.

We offer various other services as well to enhance and protect you property.

Looking after your Property

As a family company of roofers in Ayrshire we specialise in all aspects of exterior property maintenance from re-roofs to window-cleaning, patio-cleaning to fencing.

Please feel free to browse our site and find out about our services.

If you would like to discuss your requirements , you can write, email or telephone and one of our friendly staff will be only to happy to help.


Downpipe to move  rain water safely away from property

Soffit to seal the overhang and ventilate the attic

Fascia to conceal and protect the ends of roof rafters

Bargeboard to protect roof timbers

Gutter to catch the rain from the roof and feed it into the downpipe


For all Your External

Property Services